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Men in Sheds

Welcome to the Oswestry Mens Shed

Time on your hands?
Want to learn new things?
Skills to share?
Looking for something different?
Why not come along and share your skills.
Have a cup of tea and a chat and see what we are about.
The tea is free and the chat is friendly……….

The Oswestry Mens Shed has been set up to provide men with a dedicated space where they can make things, socialise, share skills or just enjoy a cup of tea. 
“Men in Sheds” as an organisation started many years ago in Australia. A Shed is a community-based group of people who's aim is to provide a safe, friendly and healing environment as a meeting place. It is an innovative project that brings together men who have time on their hands and want to get together to share and learn new skills, form friendships, have a joke and generally enjoy themselves in a warm and inviting environment. 
Members are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of others. A key focus is to advance the well-being and health of its members & to encourage social inclusion. 

Shed News

Oswestry Mens Shed are glad to be celebrating the five years since it’s inception and the progress that it has made over that time. We feel that we have catered well in combatting the negative impact of loneliness and isolation on a person’s health and wellbeing.
Men typically find it more difficult to build social connections than women, and unlike women of a similar age, less older men have networks of friends and rarely share personal concerns about health and personal worries. It is not the case for all men, but for some, when retirement comes, it can feel like personal identity and purpose is lost. Men’s Sheds can change all of that and we have done our best to fulfil these objectives.
Having said that, we could not have done this without the incredible support of The Oswestry Showground and its board of Trustees in providing the location that we presently occupy. As an agricultural society they understand the problems within their industry.
Suicide rates are higher amongst those working in specific agricultural roles such as harvesting crops and rearing animals. “It is extremely concerning that more than one farmer a week takes their own life in the UK. Mens Sheds in the rural community Aims to get as many people as possible talking about their problems.
"Taking small steps such as checking in on someone or providing a venue where a listening ear can be a lifeline for someone who is experiencing difficulties.”
This is why we, as the members of ‘Oswestry Mens Shed’ would like to offer a big thank you to the ‘ Oswestry Showground’ for their ongoing understanding and help in our venture.

Opening Times:  10am - 4pm, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


The Oswestry Mens Shed
Oswestry Showground
Oswestry SY11 4AB

Registered charity No. 1162139

John Williamson
Phone:  07968 297288


We are located on the site of the Oswestry Showground. Click here for further details including the preferred route for Access.

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